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Pottery Barn Kids Bath Towels

Our pottery barn-themed bath towels are perfect for your next beach vacation. Made with aaz transfer technology, these towels are conversation starters when visitors come to your property. Sorry, this product is not offered for sale in the united states.

Top 10 Pottery Barn Kids Bath Towels

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Cheap Pottery Barn Kids Bath Towels

Looking for some new bath towels? look no further than the pottery barn! These towels are a perfect addition to your bath house, and they come in a beautiful navy blue and white style. Oodles of fun with your bath, and you can also use them as a patrol towel for your local harbor. these bath towels are perfect for your luke skywalker, darth vader or boba fett characters! They are bright, colorful and perfect for washing off the sweat and dirt! our pottery barn kids bath towels are filled with features for your little ones. From the top there is a zippered bag with space to store a few items, like hats and diplomatic immunity vest, while they play in the sun. There's also a washer and dryer, and a small water bottle. Finally, there's a small kit that comes with a few pails of water and a few towels. looking for some bath towels to keep your pottery barn kids area clean and healthy? these bath towels are perfect! The pink w blue trim and white whales make this area a safe and healthy place to bathe.